Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Scenes from 3 Cups of Tea Day

Here are some scenes from around school on our first 3 Cups of Tea Day.


Chris Choyce said...

I saw me in there. I saw him taking Pictures but really.
Chris C.

Mrs. Gott said...

I like this video very much. It looks like everybody was engaged and having a good time. Thank you so much for putting in all together Mr. Koekler.

Just as a side 6th grade students in Language Arts have top off a fish bowl with pennies! And, they are have filled half of another jug. Pennies for Peace here we come!

Anonymous said...

The day was much better then the other half day. 6 grade kristina

Anonymous said...

Jojo 6
Much funner then last time and I liked the FOOD.
Over all very fun and I learned a lot more.

Anonymous said...

I was not there I was sick but it looked like it was fun!!!!!!!!!can some one tell me more?????? can this school get any better???????!!!!!!

shannon folland 6th grade!!!!!!!

Peachstar said...

Great video!

Anonymous said...

Got 3 cups of tea?